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It’s shocking, I know, but I don’t think I’ve ever had minestrone that didn’t come out of a can. I’ve certainly never made one. I have looked at this recipe many times, but there’s always been one ingredient or another that I didn’t have to hand and so I just moved on. Well today’s the […]

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Lasagne al Forno

This lasagne recipe is an old favourite. I used to cook it regularly, and whilst it takes a bit of effort, we’d comfortably get three meals out of it for the two of us. It’s rather fallen off the radar a bit just lately though and it’s been a good while since I last made […]

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Chocolate Mousse

As I’ve said before, I’m not much of a pudding person, and so far, I’ve shown a definite bias towards the savoury recipes in the book. I can see the desserts are starting to pile up, so I need to address that – otherwise I’ll end up with nothing but puddings left. I’d better make […]

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Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington feels like one of those dishes that needs to be shared, so we arrange a date with some friends and invite them over. I’ve never made a Beef Wellington before, but it can’t be that hard – after all, it’s just a kind of free-standing meat pie, right? We have six people for […]

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