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Carbonnade of Beef

Despite the fact that it’s June, the weather has been more reminiscent of November recently. Endless greyness, constant drizzle, periodic full-on downpours. I was in the mood for something warming and hearty to eat. Carbonnade of beef sounded a good option. It’s been a good while since I made a carbonnade, but I always enjoyed […]

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The plan was to have syllabub after dinner on Sunday night, so, Sunday afternoon I decide I’d better get on with it – I know it needs a couple of hours in the fridge to chill. I open up the book to read through the recipe. The first thing I notice are the words “leave […]

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Crema di Zabaglione alle Fragole

With good ingredients, this is an impressive dessert. It’s also one of the simplest recipes in the book. You really can throw it together in a couple of minutes. I ordered some strawberries from Riverford in this week’s veg box. I wasn’t sure at the time what I was going to do with them, but […]

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Cream of Tomato Soup

Home-made cream of tomato soup doesn’t look very much different to the stuff that comes out of a tin, but the flavours are worlds apart. I’ve made this a good few times, but not for a while now. I have some chicken stock left over from last week’s duck, so this seems like a good […]

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Duck à l’orange

The Prawn Cocktail years describes this as “possibly the best example of a dish that ‘just isn’t done any more, dear!’” It’s true, I can’t remember when I last saw it out in the wild on a restaurant menu. I only have dim recollections of having ever eaten it, and they aren’t some of my […]

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