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Scotch Egg

After making last week’s Sausage Rolls, I still had a big slab each of pork belly and pork shoulder sat in the fridge. I needed to find a way to use those up. Well, there’s just one recipe left in the Expresso Bongo chapter – Scotch Egg – and that requires mincing up those two cuts […]

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Garlic Bread

Does anyone really need a recipe for Garlic Bread? Well, apparently they do, or at least they did back in 1997 when the book was published. Well, I’m committed to making all the recipes in the book, and this one really is no hardship – I mean, garlic bread is delicious. It starts with a […]

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Sausage Rolls

“No one makes Sausage Rolls now,” the recipe starts. If they do, it goes on, they use ready-made pastry, or shop-bought sausage meat. It’s true, I’m sure. I don’t know anyone who makes their own Sausage Rolls from scratch. I make them from time to time, but it’s really more assembly than cooking – a […]

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Meat Pie, Take 2

Regular readers will recall that I’ve made the Meat Pie before. However I missed out a key step, and so decided that I couldn’t really call it ‘done’ without actually doing it properly. Today is that day. If you gloss over the sheer terror of having to make pastry again, the Meat Pie is really […]

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Meat Pie

Let’s start with a confession. I hate making pastry. I always have. It’s not that I don’t like pastry – when it’s done well, pastry is delicious. The trouble is that whenever I make it, it’s not done well. It’s OK, I guess – it’s always edible. It never actual tastes bad, it’s just never […]

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Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasty

I love pasties. I know I should make them more often, but I’m never that confident with making pastry. If I made them more often though, I’d surely get more confident. I really should just keep making them. Anyway, I made Cornish Pasties. Spoiler alert: they were *good*. Since 2011, Cornish Pasties have had Protected […]

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A Slice of Pie

Pork Pie

I’d originally planned to take it easy on the cooking front over Easter, and just have a long, quiet weekend. Then, as I was making some last minute adjustments to my Ocado order, I decided, somewhat randomly, that it would be a good idea to make a pork pie. I added a shoulder of pork […]

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